Thursday, November 10, 2005

If yesterday were a holiday, it would be better than christmas!!!

Let me just start out by saying that yesterday's post (I felt it was a really awesome post) has sparked some harsh critisism from some of you (via my e-mail), spicifically about how much I really love yesterday. Come on! I'm just gonna respond by telling you the same thing I tell anyone who cares to ask, If I could, I would make everyday yesterday including tommorow and today! Yesterday was that cool! Anyway...
Let's see... what happened yesterday...
Torture? Boring! Oil companies are gouging? Tell me something I didn't not already haven't known. Hey 11/9 is 9/11 backwards... I didn't know
that! and that's pretty awesome!
Wow!!! A
green dog!
I almost forgot! What makes yesterday the greatest day ever, was that it was the day that that green dog was born. I totally love green dogs even more than regular dogs, which aren't usually green. One thing cool about green dogs is that nothing much is known about them. They could have cool super powers like maybe being super strong or really cute or flying powers or the power to bark lasers or something else!!! I would totally be really happy if I had a green dog. We could go to the park or school and girls would want to see my green dog and they would ask me why he was green and I would say I didn't know but that he might have super powers and they would pet him and say they liked him and then we would talk and maybe make out! If all that happened today then maybe today would almost be as cool as yesterday! Almost!!!
Oh my god I just noticed! The green dog is totally licking that other dogs balls in that photo! Green dogs are so crazy!!!


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