Friday, January 20, 2006

Beauty and the Beast

Yesterday I realized the following two things, observe:
Scott Mclellan is a bad liar

Laetitia Casta is hot

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Yesterdays New Years resolutions!

Yesterday (repectivly) was New Year's day! That means it is now time for me to join the band wagon and make some resolutions! Last year I ended up only completing one of my New Year's resolutions, find out what I love more than anything else in the known universe and start a blog about it! Well, as you can guess, my favorite thing is Yesterday, and what you are currently reading is my blog about it! This year I decided to try a few new things and recommit to doing the things that I haven't got around from previous years. So here is my list.

1) learn Kung Fu! -This one has been on my list ever scince I was 8 years old and it always tops the list. Maybe this will be the year that I accually do something about it. I am also pretty sure this one doesn't need to be explaned as to why I want to learn Kung Fu because it seems that everyone pretty much knows that Kung Fu is awesome!
2) Kill a Bear -This is a new one this year.
3) Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans -I just can't seem to...
4) Spend More Time on the Internet -I really love the internet and need to get to know it better and see where things go.
5) Spend More Time with my Posessions -I bought them for a reason, because I wanted to use them, but it seems like more and more of my free time keeps being wasted doing things like, being with people, socializing, working, going outside, traveling, and a million other distractions. My Xbox just sits there, and my Golf Clubs are gathering dust while I'm off getting bored doing crap like hiking, and crap!
6) Wear skirts more often -I don't remember wanting to do this, it must be a mistake.
7) Get a Tattoo -I've been thinking of getting a drawing of my girlfriends face tattooed on my face, she says doesn't want me to, but I think she would secretly really like it!
8) Be more honest, or learn how to Lie Better
9) Obtain a Concealed Weapons Liscense
-To kill a bear with.

That's it! I think I will end this with and awesome quote about Yesterday that I came across Yesterday!

Today is the pupil of yesterday.
-Publilius Syrus(~100 BC)
Publi is now on my list of like minded awesome guys! Right-the-Fuck-on!